January 27, 2015
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  No more dirty diapers; potty training is intact. Within a two-year time frame, malvertising mastered crawling and is starting to walk now. Malvertising, in succinct terms, is defined as the use of online advertising to spread malware. My first experience with malvertising, or malicious advertising, occurred on a Saturday in mid-September of 2009. While browsing

January 19, 2015
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One of the major topics of conversation in marketing circles in the past week has been Snapchat’s $750,000 minimum for a day of advertising. The fast growing platform’s extremely ambitious price tag reflects one of the key trends Partnered identified in the 2015 Silicon Valley Corporate Innovation Outlook: the move from organic to paid social. Read More.

November 6, 2014
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Good networking is a conversation, not just a data mining mission. Here’s how to make it beneficial for both involved. By now you’ve probably heard the cardinal rule of networking a million times: If you want to make a killer impression, you need to know exactly what to say when you meet someone new. And

October 16, 2014
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As this new generation of tech savvy travelers continues to grow in affluence and influence, travel and tourism companies are racing to develop strategies that will better engage with and drive business with this rising new type of traveler. Revinate is hosting a free webinar on delivering the ideal millennial experience: Below are a few

September 3, 2014

HOLIDAY Inn Express is bringing its longtime “Stay smart” advertising campaign into the 21st century by making it largely digital, with a Funny or Die comedian as its spokesman. Read More. The comedian Jim Gaffigan, left, appears in digital videos and Internet-radio ads for Holiday Inn Express.

September 2, 2014

Remember when social media was a new, unchartered territory for brands? Consumers flocked to platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn overnight and marketers knew that, in order to stay relevant, they had to follow suit. Fast forward to today: 97% of marketers use social media to connect with buyers. The problem is, most still haven’t

July 11, 2014

The implications of a increasingly independent, mobile-equipped consumer are far-reaching for every vertical in the travel industry. Even as airlines, hotels, and in-destination attractions and offerings continue to rely upon meaningful interactions with their customer, a significant segment of travelers are turning first, in new and powerful ways, to their devices to solve trip-related challenges that