The Cost of Lost Talent … And 6 Questions That Might Keep Them



Years ago I had an amazing employee, let’s call her Julia. She was efficient, professional, creative, great with clients, and frustrated—and I didn’t know it.

Julia loved her work, but she hated the politics of the large organization we were part of. Her personal life was suffering, she wasn’t sleeping.

Through the years I must have complimented Julia a hundred times, sent her a dozen thank you notes, presented her awards, promoted her, gave her great reviews and above-average raises. I thought I was a great leader doing all the right things that we all read about in best books! The problem: Not once did I ask her if she was dissatisfied with the work experience or thinking of leaving. Finally, one day she sat in my office and told me she was quitting; and sorry, there was nothing I could do.

Unless you are the Urban Meyer of corporate managers, you’ve probably lost an employee or two you didn’t want to. Of course, some turnover is inevitable; after all if no one wants to steal your employees you probably aren’t hiring the most talented people. But now and then you lose people like Julia, those who are valuable and who aren’t leaving for greener pastures, and it hurts. READ MORE